Mandatory Client Update to v.1.3.3 – Hardfork at 96180

Mandatory Bitcoin sCrypt client update to v.1.3.3! Please update v.1.3.3 because we have a hard-fork at block 96180 to implement the community approved algorithm tweaks. Older clients will no longer work on the network after block 96180 so this is a mandatory update! Specifically, the difficulty re-target period has been lowered from 3.5 days to 60 […]

Mandatory Version 1.3.2 Client Upgrade

Community, There is a mandatory update for Bitcoin Scrypt to version 1.3.2 for a hard-fork at Block 96000 to change the difficulty algo.  All clients must update or risk losing coins! Under the new difficulty algorithm, the difficulty will adjust once every 2520 blocks.  Thus, with 2 minute blocks the difficulty should adjust once every 3.5 days. […]

Bitcoin Scrypt Version 1.2.0 Released

Thanks to some fantastic coding from Novebitme / Smokeasy the following changes have been implemented: 1) Fixed the issue with the initial blockchain download allowing for complete download of the blockchain from scratch. 2) Added Fast Dedicated Server node ( to the source as a seed node allowing for much better connects without editing the […]

New Client Update and Name Change Inbound

We know it has been a while since any progress has been made on the development front with this coin but over the next few days a new client update will be released. This will change the appdata directory name from Bitcoin to Bitcoin_Scrypt which is going to fix the one major flaw that this […]