Bitcoin Scrypt Crypto-Currency Website Update and Funding

As many of you might already know Bitcoin Scrypt had a infamous release mainly due to certain community members rightfully so believing this coin was  trying to be a straight up clone of Bitcoin SHA and even worse possibly cause users to lose their hard earned coins.

Since then Bitcoin Scrypt has increased exponentially in terms of popularity, it’s principles and it’s ideals, which is to become a true decentralized Crypto-Currency that can only be mined by standard graphics cards keeping the mining aspect of coin generation equally in the hands of the people .

If an ASIC like device is made for Scrypt, then we will change the Algorithm so that it can only be mined by graphics cards once again. We have a great team of equal developers and a growing community who through our new development voting system will have a democratic way to decide how Bitcoin Scrypt evolves.

We have no need for a foundation as funding for this project is not an issue and we only develop with this Open Source project purely because we want to see a fast, secure and truly decentralized global economically viable payment system with an aim to have every nation using this same form of payment.

This would mean no more inflation, an end to multiple monetary stock exchanges and most of all not having to rely on a governmental system that uses “Money” as a form of control to dictate how much they think any given product is worth which is not democratic in any sense.

We, the people, born into a world of equality and freedom of speech should be able to decide for ourselves how much “things” are worth based on the simple principle of supply and demand like we did have hundreds of years ago; if a local village had a large stockpile of wheat due to hard work and planning but the next village along had stockpiles of coal then supply and demand would dictate how much the coal and wheat would be to each village, a fair system.

Our current monetary system to date has manage to achieve whole nations in debt, constant rise of inflation mainly due to possible excess printing of currency (have we not learned anything from Germany and
hyperinflation) and because of how our governments are running our countries we have to suffer the consequences meaning reductions in the yearly minimum wage rise percentage and often it not matching the inflation rate.

We no longer live on or in just one Earth anymore, there are two and because of this we have finally evolved into a true digital age with endless possibilities.

The Physical Earth - Currently run by governments and corporations, limited by resources and the laws of reality.

The Digital Earth - The World Wide Web which is in a constant state of evolution, faster than any Government or Corporation can keep up with and controlled by anyone with access.

However, the powers that be are not happy with controlling the Physical Earth, they want to have full control of the Digital Earth too and we are supposed to be living in a society based on the principles of freedom.

The Digital Earth (TDA) has no limits, no laws of reality and the scope of it’s wonder is fueled as a species by our limitless imagination. With Virtual Reality devices becoming a true possibility, combined with a digital payment system, which Earth would you choose to live in?

We cannot sit back and let this happen as every single person on this planet is equal and should by this right alone, be able to choose how they live their lives and decide on their own what really is “worth” something.

The only way that everyone can be truly free is if we take away the controlling current economic factor and use a global digital equivalent system free from inflation and controlled equally by everyone.

Welcome to the future.

Welcome to Bitcoin Scrypt.