New Client Update and Name Change Inbound

We know it has been a while since any progress has been made on the development front with this coin but over the next few days a new client update will be released.

This will change the appdata directory name from Bitcoin to Bitcoin_Scrypt which is going to fix the one major flaw that this Crypto had, meaning that it will be viable to be added to the many exchanges.

There are even more updates and changes, the logo is now Bitcoin Scrypt and no longer Bitcoin 2, as we do not intend for this to replace Bitcoin but to be an alternative to it.

Think of Bitcoin SHA-256 as Pepsi and Bitcoin Scrypt as Coke, its going to be that kind of relationship.

More news to follow over the next few days along with links to the new Windows client and the source code.

Bitcoin Scrypt - Bringing Bitcoin back into the hands of the community.