Mandatory Version 1.3.2 Client Upgrade


There is a mandatory update for Bitcoin Scrypt to version 1.3.2 for a hard-fork at Block 96000 to change the difficulty algo.  All clients must update or risk losing coins!

Under the new difficulty algorithm, the difficulty will adjust once every 2520 blocks.  Thus, with 2 minute blocks the difficulty should adjust once every 3.5 days.  After this new algo takes effect, we will evaluate and tweak, as necessary, for stability.


The source code for version 1.3.2 can be found here.

Windows: The Windows Installer for version 1.3.2 Self-Install package can be found here:

Mac: The Install DMG for version 1.3.2 (Mac OS) can be found here.

Linux binaries will be released shortly but can still be compiled from source:

Compiling instructions for v.1.3.2 can be found here.

Again, this is a mandatory upgrade to client v.1.3.2 because of a hard-fork at block 96000 and older clients will no longer work on the blockchain.

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