Website Redesign Started and Bitcoin Scrypt getting stronger everyday

Hi Everyone,

First off, we would like to thank every single person that supports and continues to support Bitcoin Scrypt.

All of you are the only reason for BTCS to exist in the first place and you all are going to have full control of decentralization/future development.

This website has just been updated with a fully customizable template purchased by us and then tailored to the community.

Our aim to to make Bitcoin Scrypt a true Crypto-Currency, mined, controlled and developed by the community that drives it forward towards its primary goals.

Here are our key principles as they stand at the moment:

1) Mining Decentralization - This means NO specialized hardware for mining and if an ASIC miner for Scrypt is released then our Algorithm will evolve so that once again it is only minable by GPU’s and CPU’s.
2) Development Decentralization - This means that anyone who holds Bitcoin Scrypt in their wallet clients, can use an in built voting system. Bitcoin Scrypt updates happen when the community decides it should and how.
3) Constant Decentralization - We don’t need a foundation based around a set amount of individuals and the reason is that everyone who owns any BTCS coins is automatically a member of the foundation due to the voting system.

There is much more than what has just been posted on here and right now the best place for a constantly updating wealth of Bitcoin Scrypt information can be found on our forum, hosted on the fantastic Crypto-Currency dedicated forum based website at

At the moment this website will be only a platform designed for the sole purpose of security;

Here you will always find links to the Official Windows Client download, the Original Omega6 Github Source Code (This would be like having Bitcoin SHA’s Github being the original Satoshi’s ;-)), Coin details and Get Started guide.

The reason for this is mainly for users new not only Bitcoin Scrypt but to Crypto-Currency in general. We want everyone’s experience to be enjoyable and problem free.

When you download the Windows Client from here and you are still very new to understanding Crypto-Currency Source Code, you are downloading it at least knowing that it is the official and up-to-date client version.

If you decide to download from any other website, then please make sure it is from a reliable and trustworthy source and that they have back links to this website.

We would also now like to inform you of our new Bitcoin Scrypt sister website The Other Bitcoin (, which will be the main website for Bitcoin Scrypt and will be constantly updated with the newest/future developments. (This website) is mainly for development/releases and important issues which will be posted on the blog.

What you may have seen or may know about Bitcoin Scrypt is just the beginning and we say this without arrogance but with passion and commitment that our aim is to make Bitcoin Scrypt THE Crypto-Currency of and for the people.

Bitcoin Scrypt - Bringing Bitcoin Back Into The Hands Of The People